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Testimonials for the Genius Process

One coaching session and I don't know what you did to me but I've been able to get through some blocks that I was having. Thank you!!!

- Faith Goenner
This was an awesome experience. I've always seen value in learning about one's self and those around you - I also learned that was one of my values which motivates my behavior  Definitely feel like this will benefit how my coworkers and I work together. Highly recommend for teams or even couples! Also, it's super fun!
- Angela Broten

Heather’s workshop made me look at my current job, my talents, and what I really like to do in a totally different way. Heather used simple activities that made me think about exactly what it is that I am both great at doing and love to do. I have taken what I learned and become more productive in my position. Instead of looking at the mountain of work I have on my desk at times and feeling overwhelmed, I learned to look at the individual tasks decide how they each are best completed.

-Ashley Johnson
Marketing Manager
DCM Tech

After taking part in other workshops, this is the first one that took it to a new level. Typically, you learn some basics about what type of personality category you fall into and, until now, I thought learning that was pretty awesome. After experiencing the Genius Workshop with Heather Christensen, I've actually had a reboot in my thinking to understand not only myself, but others around me both at work and at home. I wish I could explain it simply what Heather does, but she takes information that initially appears so basic, places that information in necessary categories that get so complicated and then explains how you can use that information and make it apply to your everyday life. I can't stress enough how fortunate I feel to have been able to take part in her workshop. Already, my co-workers and I have had conversations about how we view situations differently as they arise and it makes us work together so much better as a team. My husband was able to be part of this as well and it's been remarkable that after 30+ years of marriage, our communication is getting even better. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Heather, I highly recommend taking the time to do so. 
— Milly Dols
     Nurse Manager
     Hope Pregnancy Center
Envisioneering LLC