Unlike many consultants, my goal is to create independence rather than dependencies. During my engagement with clients, we co-develop the solution that fits your needs and deploy an efficient system your organization can maintain.

 Team Health/Culture

Is there high trust among your team members? Do they regularly engage in healthy debate? Do they achieve results? Do they hold each other accountable effectively? Are they more committed to the business succeeding or their career success?

Or do you have drama, politics, side-conversations and spinning wheels?

In my experience, high functioning teams are rare but achievable. Not only are they more productive but they're more fun and fulfilling for you and your employees!

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 Small Business Planning

How often, as a leader, are you able to take a moment away from working IN the business and work ON the business? Cutting a path through the forest requires taking time to climb a mountain to create a plan.

Strategic planning is important but it shouldn't be overly complex.


Does your organization complete all of it's strategic goals each year? Is it executed with precision and efficiency?

Strategy delivery is just as important as design. A simple, clear plan held together with accountability will deliver your strategy.

Execution isn't just about delivering your strategy, though, it is also about the organization running like a well-oiled machine with precision and focus all the time. Run your business. Don't let it run you.

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 Discover your Genius

"Work smarter, not harder." You may have heard this before, but do you know how to work smarter to get more done with less effort? Learn the 2 characteristics corresponding with the highest levels of success and how to use them to work smarter not harder.

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Heather is a licensed civil engineer seasoned through leadership roles in private consulting, municipal engineering and manufacturing. During her 25 years as a professional she has turned failing businesses and struggling teams into high performers. She is driven to equip others with the tools to achieve more personally and in their businesses. She does this by improving team health, working with leadership to develop simple strategies and plans to execute effectively.

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